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3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
Give Thanks. There is more to this prayer here

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Europe: Muslim Atrocities against Women? So What!

by Uzay Bulut
The Gatestone Institute

"Domestic Violence is not a family matter" reads a
municipal public service ad in Canakkale, Turkey.
It happened again last week. Two Turkish nationals in Schwerin, Germany were arrested for raping a 13-year-old girl after forcing themselves into her home.

Recently, a judge in Germany acquitted a Turkish drug dealer of raping one of his customers last August. He had forced himself on her for four hours and left her incapacitated for weeks. He told the judge that in the culture from where he came, what she "had experienced as rape" might be considered merely "wild sex."

What "culture" is this?

According to the Turkish women's rights organization "We Will Stop the Murders of Women," which publishes monthly reports, in March of this year alone, 35 women were killed; 14 others were exposed to sexual violence, and 63 children were molested. Many children, the report said, had been sexually abused for years, and often attempted suicide.

The report also stated that the murder of women in Turkey -- 63% percent of which is committed by husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers or sons -- is spurred more than half the time by women; it is supposedly their fault: they actually wanted to make decisions about their lives, such as getting a divorce, before they were murdered.

Worse, nearly a third of those are classified by authorities as "suspicious murders," perpetrated by "unknown assailants."

Torturing women to death is also increasingly widespread, as well as killing young children along with their mothers. One case involved a man who slit the throats of his ex-wife and their five-year-old daughter.

The 2015 film Dying to Divorce examines the cases of Turkish women murdered by their husbands after asking for a divorce.

As above, crimes against girls and women are often shrugged off by Turkey's criminal justice system. One case in point is of a man acquitted by a judge in Eskisehir; the man was accused by his cousin of repeated rape and death threats, from the time the victim was 13 years old. After a nine-month trial and massive evidence against him, the man was acquitted.

Although crimes against women take place all over the world, practices such as sexual enslavement and stoning to death are far more widespread in Islamic societies, where they are also socially and legally tolerated -- as rooted in Islamic scripture. The Quran, for instance, allows men to beat his wives.

Tragically, Europe, when Muslims are the perpetrators, seems to be adopting the sharia approach to rape.

Britain's The Independent reported in October:

A man who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Austria has had his conviction overturned after judges found he may have believed the child consented. Police said the 20-year-old Iraqi refugee, who has not been named, assaulted his victim in a toilet cubicle at the Theresienbad swimming pool in Vienna on 2 December last year.

The child reported the rape to a lifeguard and his attacker was arrested at the scene, reportedly telling officers in initial interviews that he was experiencing a 'sexual emergency' after not having sex in four months. In June, he was jailed for a minimum of six years for rape and aggravated sexual abuse of a minor, and ordered to pay €4,700 (£3,700) compensation to the boy's family.

Speaking to local media, the victim's mother revealed her son had been 'screaming and crying every night' since the attack and had talked of suicide.

This came from the UK's Daily Mail:

A young left-wing German politician has admitted she lied to police about the racial background of three men who raped her in case it triggered reprisals against refugees in her country.

Selin Gören, the national spokeswoman of the left-wing youth movement Solid, was attacked by three men in January in the city of Mannheim where she works as a refugee activist.

The 24-year-old was ambushed late at night in a playground where she said she was forced to perform a sex act on her attackers.

After the assault, she went straight to the police -- but she did not tell them the ethnic make-up of the men, that they were speaking Arabic or Farsi.

Selin, aware of the backlash that migrants suffered after the events in Cologne on New Year's Eve - when hundreds of women were sexually assaulted and robbed by marauding gangs of immigrant youths - instead said she was robbed and said her attackers spoke German.

Now she has told Germany's Spiegel magazine why she lied...[because she] did not want to stoke 'more hatred against migrants in Germany.'

These examples are merely a sampling of what is becoming commonplace across Europe. In the name of human rights, inclusion, diversity and equality, "enlightened" activists and judicial authorities are apologizing for and excusing Muslim criminals for behavior that would not be tolerated from anyone else -- and that should not be tolerated.

By overlooking or justifying Islamic atrocities, Europeans are not only endangering innocent women and children; they are actually encouraging rape and other forms of violence. Meanwhile, they are also complicit in destroying Western values.

If one such value is multiculturalism, sadly -- contrary to "progressive" belief -- not all cultures are necessarily equal. Those cultures in which women and children as are viewed as property deserve no respect, and certainly not preferential treatment.

Do these judges work for sharia courts or for secular European courts?

By overlooking or justifying Islamic atrocities, European judges are endangering innocent women.

What kind of a message do these judges give to Muslim and other criminals in Europe with their decisions? These court rulings are an open call to Muslim men in Europe to rape women, children, anyone they like. What will a society be like to live in if the courts will be on the side of the rapists and they will not be held accountable?

Why not publicize that if people decide to move to a country, they must respect the citizens and laws of that country? Bringing the primitive aspects of one's culture to a host country should not be encouraged or tolerated. Rape is always rape, assault is always assault, no matter who the perpetrator is. Western countries must stop tolerating Muslim criminals because of their religion. That is not wise public policy or even justice. Cultures and religions that do not respect women and others do not deserve to be respected.

And certainly, if it were Christians doing this evil against women and children and claiming it was their right because of their religion, there would be Hell to pay. But because it's Islam, it is tolerated as the 1400 young, white girls from Rotherham can tell you, or the hundreds, if not thousands from around the UK who have been groomed, raped, and prostituted by Pakistanis with impunity for decades - sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and stupidity.

Unfortunately, these extremely basic truths have been largely ignored. The politically correct multiculturalists have created an environment in which some Europeans have forgotten what it means to stand up for reason, truth and justice- perhaps out of fear of being called "racist"; or the very misguided desire to "prevent a backlash against Muslims." It would be nice if Muslims would help to prevent the "frontlash."

By tolerating Muslim criminals in the name of human rights, tolerance, inclusion, diversity, or equality, however, these judges or activists are actually destroying those values. By taking the side of the rapists and becoming complicit in their crimes, they are encouraging rapists and turning everyone -- including children -- into potential victims.

Trying to justify rapes and other crimes committed by Muslims is an attack against the safety and dignity of everyone.

Uzay Bulut, a Turkish journalist and political analyst, is a fellow at the Middle East Forum.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Lots of Child Porn Pedophiles on Today's Canada/USA P&P List

Fugitive get 38 years for child sex abuse on girls age 6 & 7 - Texas
Trial set for 36 y/o man for sex abuse of 10 y/o boy - Iowa
4 years for multiple sex assaults on sleeping child - Ohio
Bible Hill man arrested on child porn charges - Nova Scotia
26 y/o Roanoke man gets 10 years for child porn - Virginia
Pedophile tells cops child porn site extorted him - Ohio
Man gets easy sentence for CSA then gets caught with child porn - New York
Former CSA victim gets 5 years for 4500+ child porn images - Maryland/Pennsylvania

Man pleads guilty gets 38 years for
child sex abuse
Odessa American
An Odessa man pleaded guilty to continuous sexual abuse of a child Thursday and received 38 years in prison, Ector County District Attorney Bobby Bland said in a press release Friday.

The conviction for Jose Salais, 43, comes 10 years after the sexual abuse began. Salais was charged for the incident (incident? How about atrocities?) in 2011, but absconded to Mexico in 2012, according to the release.

“He was on an ankle monitor and he cut that off and then he ran to Mexico,” Bland said. “We’ve been trying to get him back for the past four years.”

Salais was extradited back to Ector County earlier this year due to the collaboration of the U.S. Marshals Service, the government of Mexico and the Ector County District Attorney’s Office.

“We made sure he was brought back,” Bland said. “Justice was done.”

“The victim’s family supported this plea and felt it was in the best interest of the victim,” the district attorney said in the release.

Salais was arrested in 2011 following an investigation into claims Odessa police received that he had intercourse with, performed sex acts on and forced two girls to perform sex acts on him beginning when they were ages 6 and 7.

Trial set in Mason City child sex abuse case

MASON CITY | A Mason City man is scheduled to go to trial July 11 on felony child sexual abuse charges involving a 10-year-old.

Christopher Alan Hull, 36, pleaded not guilty Monday in Cerro Gordo County District Court to second-degree sexual abuse and lascivious acts with a child.

If convicted as charged, he faces a maximum sentence of up to 35 years in prison. 

Hull touched a 10-year-old child's genitals and placed the child's hand on his own genitals in 2015 in Mason City, according to the criminal complaint filed on April 19.

He was arrested May 6 on a warrant on that charge. The additional charge of second-degree sexual abuse was included in the trial information filed May 12 by the Cerro Gordo County Attorney's Office.

— Mary Pieper

Franklin man sentenced for sexual abuse of child

Man sexually assaulted a child, while the child was asleep
WLWT Digital Staff


A judge sentenced a man from Franklin to four years in prison for sexually abusing a child.

Joseph Plummer was convicted of two felony counts of gross sexual imposition in April.

On Tuesday, Plummer was sentenced to 48 months in prison. He will also have to register as a Tier 2 sex offender for the next 25 years.

Investigators say Plummer sexually assaulted a child, while the child was asleep, multiple times from June 2013 to December 2015.

Seems like a pretty light sentence especially considering we don't really know the effects such sex abuse will have on the child. It could be psychologically devastating for all we know.

Franklin, OH

Bible Hill man charged for child porn

I spent 2 great years as a teenager in Bible Hill, N.S.
and still have family there

RCMP in Bible Hill have arrested a 24-year-old man on child pornography charges.

Police searched a home in Bible Hill on May 18 and charged Evan James Nelson with making available child pornography and accessing child pornography.

Nelson appeared in court on Tuesday and was released on strict conditions.

He is scheduled to return to Truro provincial court on May 31.

Bible Hill, N.S.

Roanoke man sentenced on child porn conviction
By Jeff Sturgeon

William (Billy) Raywood Rhodes, 26, of Roanoke will spend 10 years in prison followed by 15 years on federal supervision for trading child pornography, a judge ruled Tuesday.

The judge declined to fine Rhodes, saying she wanted to conserve what money he has for victim relief.

U.S. District Court Judge Elizabeth Dillon said children depicted in child pornography fear that the people they meet in everyday life have seen the images. Anxiety, depression and emotional pain result, according to Dillon, who read confidential statements from children seen in the images Rhodes had.

Child porn offenders owe compensation to the children if authorities can identify and contact them. One child in this case has been found. A lawyer for that child seeks $5,000 restitution from Rhodes, said Jessica Urban, an attorney with the Department of Justice. Dillon said Rhodes will pay something but plans to choose the amount later.

Dillon told Rhodes she knew of no evidence that he produced child pornography or touched children. But an investigation of Rhodes’ personal computer found he had possessed and shared with others “violent, despicable images of abuse of very young children,” the judge said.

In 2014, an online police sting run by the FBI in Dallas tapped into a peer-to-peer file sharing network that included Rhodes, and downloaded more than 1,400 illegal images from his computer. Texas authorities alerted law enforcement officers in Virginia, who downloaded 300 more images. They later raided the Roanoke home Rhodes shared with his parents. 

Rhodes pleaded guilty in Roanoke federal court in February to a single count of knowingly distributing or receiving child pornography.

Rhodes told the judge he can’t comprehend the gravity of what he’s done but wants “to grow and heal as a human being” and get back on the right side of the law. Dillon said she would recommend he receive sex offender counseling, substance abuse treatment and mental health care. He could have possibly been helped when he showed interest in child porn as a teenager but never received treatment, the judge said.

Man arrested after telling cops child porn site
tried to extort him
By Joshua Rhett Miller 

An Ohio man was arrested after telling investigators he was being extorted by a child porn website he visited for thousands of dollars, police said.

Julius May, 22, told Twinsburg cops he was targeted by the vile site — which he said sent him an email threatening to give police his personal details and viewing history if he didn’t send $5,000, according to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

Mays later admitted to visiting the child porn website and downloading child pornography from other sites as well. He was arrested Friday on charges of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor, a second-degree felony.

Additional charges could be filed in the case, sheriff officials said.

Mays was slated to be released from Summit County Jail after posting bail on Monday, Cleveland.com reports. His name did not appear on the jail’s inmate roster as of Tuesday.

Twinsburg, OH

Delevan man to be sentenced for second time
on child porn charges
Bretton Keenan

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - A Delevan man was charged on child pornography charges on Tuesday, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

U.S. Attorney James Kennedy says New York State Police received a complaint from an 11-year-old girl in August 2014 that John Cutler, 34, engaged in sexual contact with her.

Cutler was convicted on state charges on endangering the welfare of a child and criminal sexual act in November 2014, according to officials. He was sentenced to six months in prison and ten years probation, according to authorities. The court also ordered him to register as a sex offender.

Part of Cutler's probation ordered that he maintain contact with the Cattaraugus County Probation Department and was not allowed to have devices that connect to the Internet.

Authorities say probation officials conducted a polygraph examination of Cutler on July 9, 2016, during which he confirmed he performed oral sex on the minor victim. This is what he was convicted of in November 2014.

And he got six months? What a deal!

Cutler also made incriminating statements about his Internet activity and sexual contact with minors during the polygraph test, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. After a forensic examination of his laptop, officials found a several images and videos depicting children engaged in sexual activity.

Cutler is being held until his detention hearing on Friday. Cutler is charged by criminal complaint with receipt of child pornography. This carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison and a maximum of 40 years, plus a $250,000 fine.

Pennsylvania man gets five years in child-porn case
Don Aines  

A convicted Pennsylvania sex offender was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty Tuesday in Washington County Circuit Court to charges of possessing and distributing child pornography while living in Hagerstown in 2015.

Dwayne Philip Bowers, 39, of Biglerville, Pa., was sentenced by Circuit Judge Daniel P. Dwyer to 17 years in prison with 12 years suspended on the one possession and two distribution counts to which he pleaded guilty.

Bowers will be on five year's probation after his release, must register as a sex offender for 25 years and have no unsupervised contact with children. Bowers is also prohibited from having any devices that can connect to the internet.

"In every single one of these, there's a child being horribly abused," Dwyer said of the thousands of images and videos Bowers possessed and traded. Those images remain on the Internet forever, the judge said.

Bowers was charged with possession and distribution of child pornography between February and September 2015, according to the application for statement of charges filed by the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

During that period, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, or NCMEC, received five cyber tips about possible child pornography being uploaded to an internet file-hosting service and alerted local authorities, the charging documents said.

Two internet addresses from the tips were linked to Bowers' former Amanda Lane residence in Hagerstown and another to his workplace in the city, the documents said.

In 2015, the sheriff's office obtained a search warrant and seized a laptop computer and cellphone from Bowers' home for forensic examinations, the documents said.

The file-hosting service that originally sent the cyber tips to NCMEC also turned over more than 4,500 files linked to Bowers containing images or videos, the documents said.

On Bowers' cellphone, investigators found evidence he used an instant-messaging platform to discuss trading "boy vids," with a link to his file-storing account, the documents said.

Bowers pleaded guilty in Adams County in 2016 to corruption of minors and child-pornography charges and served a sentence in that county, according to Pennsylvania online court records.

He is a registered sex offender in Pennsylvania, according to the state's Megan's Law website.

Assistant State's Attorney Sarah Mollett-Gaumer told Dwyer that Maryland was seeking a six-year prison sentence.

Assistant Public Defender Robert Sheehan said the Pennsylvania conviction involved soliciting photos of a juvenile male Bowers knew.

Sheehan asked Dwyer to impose a sentence of no more than four years, noting Bowers admitted his guilt, was remorseful and sought treatment. Bowers is "amenable to treatment," he said.

"I was sexually abused as a minor," Bowers told Dwyer. "I came to terms with that" through therapy.

Woman, Friar, Senior Among Perverts on Today's Global P&P List

Standing Rock leader's wife charged with failing to report CSA - N.D. USA
Toronto Police add more charges to pervert, again - ON, Canada
8 delinquent football clubs finally report to inquiry - UK
34 y/o Lincolnshire man charged with child porn - UK
Catholic friar gets wrist slapped for historical CSA - Australia
Woman charged for sex assault on juvenile at detention centre - Australia
43 y/o Oregon man gets plea deal after 20 counts of CSA - USA
Orlando day-care worker investigated for possible CSA - FL, USA
Elderly man sentence to 12 years for buying online child-rape - Denmark

Former ND tribal leader's wife charged with
failing to report child sex abuse
By Caroline Grueskin / Bismarck Tribune 

CANNON BALL, N.D.—The wife of Robert Fool Bear, the former Cannon Ball district chairman convicted of child sexual abuse last month, faces criminal charges tied to his case.

Robert Fool Bear
Rhonda Krein Fool Bear has been charged with failing to report child sexual abuse and making false statements in court. If convicted, she could face up to 5.5 years in prison.

An indictment filed on May 10 accuses Krein Fool Bear, a teacher at Solen (N.D) High School and thereby a mandatory reporter, of failing to call police or child protective services, once the victim told her about the abuse in November 2015. Instead, Krein Fool Bear told a friend at school, who is also a mandatory reporter, and who may have made the call to Standing Rock High School that started the investigation into Robert Fool Bear.

"I didn't know what to do, because I couldn't believe it," Krein Fool Bear said at trial. She also testified she had thought the abuse already had been reported.

The indictment also accuses Krein Fool Bear of lying on the stand, where she testified under a subpoena from the U.S. Attorney's Office. It's not clear about what lies Krein Fool Bear allegedly told. But at trial, she and the prosecutor went back and forth over an FBI agent's report. She denied some of the claims he said she'd made in an interview.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gary Delorme and Krein Fool Bear's attorney, Jackie Stebbins, did not respond to requests for comment on this case.

The charges come after U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland concluded Fool Bear's jury trial with a request to the U.S. Attorney's Office and FBI to investigate potential charges against anyone who knew of and did not report the abuse.

Due to the charges, Krein Fool Bear has been suspended without pay from her role as a special education teacher at Solen High School, according to Superintendent Justin Fryer. The school board has started proceedings to remove her from the job, and she has been given the opportunity to resign. The school is waiting on a response from her, Fryer said.

Krein Fool Bear turned herself into authorities on Friday and made an initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles Miller Jr. She did not enter a plea and was released on a personal recognizance bond, according to court records.

Krein Fool Bear will appear again at the federal courthouse in Bismarck for an arraignment on May 31.

Robert Fool Bear was convicted on four felony counts, including child sexual abuse and incest in April. He will be sentenced on Aug. 23 at the federal courthouse in Bismarck. The prosecution alleged Fool Bear repeatedly raped the girl over a period of at least four years, beginning when she was 10 years old.

More charges for Toronto man accused in
child sex abuse investigation

A 42-year-old man is facing even more charges in an ongoing child sex abuse investigation after more alleged victims came forward.

The news comes the same day The Canadian Centre for Child Protection reported that they’ve detected a spike in reports of online “sextortion” cases involving teen boys.

Najeeb Saad was first arrested in March, accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy and sending him nude photos over social media. He faced more charges in April, after a boy, who was 17 at the time of the alleged assaults, came forward.

Saad was arrested again on May 17 and faces 14 more charges.

Toronto police allege that in the fall of 2016, a 15-year-old boy met a man online. From then until February of this year, “the man lured the boy to meet for a sexual purpose, and sent the boy sexually explicit material.”

They also allegedly met at a hotel and engaged in sexual activity. The man allegedly sexually assaulted the boy in February of this year, police said.

Police are concerned there may be other victims.

Police said Saad uses the online profiles of “AJ S,” “AjSaad123,” “asaad942” on Grindr, Snapchat and Kik. He is known to drive a black Range Rover.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact 416-808-8500.

Reporting can also be made at Canada’s National Tipline for Reporting the Online Sexual Exploitation of Children at cybertip.ca.

Child sex abuse: Eight remaining football clubs
respond to abuse inquiry

Police have identified more than 250 potential suspects and 560 victims, with 311 clubs involved

Eight professional clubs have responded after initially missing an inquiry's deadline for giving information about historical child sex abuse in football.

The inquiry, led by barrister Clive Sheldon QC, was started by the Football Association in December after allegations from former players.

Sheldon wrote to every club in England and Wales in January.

The EFL said in a statement it was "very disappointed" to learn eight clubs had missed the 15 March deadline.

Those clubs, which have not been named, had been warned they could face sanctions.

"Having been made aware of the situation, the EFL immediately made contact with the relevant clubs and secured a response," said the statement.

"The EFL is satisfied that its clubs were not seeking to 'obstruct' the process but acknowledges that the failure to respond within the given time frames created unnecessary speculation and was unhelpful. "All 72 clubs will once again be reminded that the EFL expects their full co-operation with the review."

The review is asking anyone involved with football who wishes to provide information about the way in which clubs or the FA dealt with concerns over child sex abuse between 1970 and 2005 to come forward.

Sheldon - an expert in safeguarding and child protection - has also written to all 65,000 affiliated clubs seeking assistance, and has begun meeting individuals who can contribute.

BBC Sport has learned that investigators have started searching 5,000 boxes of FA archives - each containing up to 1,000 pages.

A final report is not expected to be published until 2018.

'Loner' had more than 250 images and videos
of child sex abuse
By Lisa Porter 

A Lincolnshire man who was caught with films and images of child sex abuse after police raided his home.

Gareth Oddy, 34, admitted to searching for indecent material at his home in Wygate Road, Spalding.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Oddy was present when officers carried out the early morning search on January 20 last year.

Gregor Purcell, prosecuting, said Oddy was "candid" and immediately admitted using file sharing software and accessing indecent images.

Lincolnshire, UK

Catholic friar get slap on the wrist for
historic child sex abuse
Sarah Motherwell - AAP 

A former Catholic friar who molested a Queensland primary school girl in 1974 has been jailed for just four months.

Anthony Colbourne pleaded guilty on Tuesday to indecently assaulting his eight-year-old victim in the presbytery and his office on four separate occasions.

The Brisbane District Court heard Colbourne told the child her parents would not get into heaven if she told anyone what he had done.

He also threatened to prevent her mother from converting to Catholicism and to tell her stepfather, who beat her, that she had stolen a book.

Capuchin Church, Melbourne
Prosecutor Vicki Loury QC said the victim was 14-years-old when she finally told her mother what happened, but was not believed.

Colbourne was charged by police in May 2016 after the woman reported to the Royal Commission into Institutional Response into Child Sexual Abuse.

The court heard Colbourne still had inappropriate fantasies but remained on guard to act against them in addition to his limiting age and solitary lifestyle.

The 75-year-old was removed from public functions in 1997 and lives in "virtual isolation" at a Capuchin friary in Melbourne.

Defence barrister Stephen Zillman said Colbourne greatly missed the contact and support of parishioners but accepted that loss was his own doing.

"He's suffered a complete fall from grace," Mr Zillman said.

Judge Tony Moynihan said Colbourne had shown remorse and empathy for his victim and felt a deep loss since leaving the church.

He also noted a jail sentence would be more onerous for the ageing offender despite his being in relatively good health.

Colbourne was sentenced to a total 18 months in jail, which will be suspended for three years after he has spent four months behind bars.

Woman charged with child sex assault

A former juvenile justice centre officer charged with historical child sexual abuse has been granted bail in a Sydney court.

Katherine Asiminaris, 43, appeared in Campbelltown Local Court on Tuesday charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault against a juvenile inmate at an Airds detention centre between 1996 and 1997.

The allegations were raised in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse and Asiminaris, whose lawyer said she would fight the charges, was granted conditional bail to reappear on July 19.

Airds, NSW, AU

Prineville man gets 9 years for child sex abuse
after plea deal

By Aubrey Wieber, The Bulletin

A Prineville man was sentenced to more than nine years in prison Monday for luring a 15-year-old boy to a Bend hotel, where he recorded the two of them having sex.

Christopher Stout, 43, was arrested Feb. 21 and charged with 20 counts of various luring and sexual abuse crimes. He pleaded guilty Thursday to four of the counts: luring a minor, third-degree sodomy, using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct and first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse. Per a plea agreement, the other 16 charges were dismissed.

Deschutes County Circuit Judge Walter Miller accepted the deal Monday, sentencing Stout to 111 months in prison.

After his release, Stout will also have to register as a sex offender and will not be able to have contact with minors or use the internet without permission from a judge or his post-prison supervision officer.

The investigation into Stout started when the victim’s mother found an SD memory card in the driveway of her Bend home. She put the card into her computer and found footage of her son having sex with Stout. The victim eventually told her he met Stout on Tumblr, a photo-based social media platform, and the two began to chat. The victim said Stout knew his age and didn’t have an issue with it. They sent each other sexually explicit videos of themselves and agreed to meet in person, according to court testimony.

According to court documents, the correspondence started around Jan. 1. Around Jan. 8, the victim sneaked out of his home, and Stout picked him up and drove him to the Double Tree Inn in Bend, where Stout showed the victim a video of two underage boys having sex.

The two then had sex, the victim told police, and Stout told the victim he could not tell anyone. Stout also told the victim he had done similar things before, court documents state.

After finding the memory card containing the videos, the victim’s mother reported the sexual abuse to police on Feb. 13. Police searched Stout’s Prineville home and found videos of the sexual encounter, as well as a small amount of methamphetamine.

For the charge of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, Stout was sentenced to 70 months. That crime falls under Measure 11, Oregon’s mandatory-minimum sentencing law for violent crimes. Because of that, he will not be eligible for early release based on good behavior or participation in prison programs. He is eligible for programs and good time on the other counts.

Stout, who at the time was a U.S. Forest Service employee, has no prior criminal history. Before being sentenced Monday, he apologized for his actions, calling them “reprehensible.”

“I would like to express just how deeply sorry I am for my actions,” he said.

I'll bet you are!

Day care worker fired, director on leave after
allegations of child sex abuse

Bright Horizons received warning in April following inspection

By Troy Campbell - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando child care facility told News 6 on Monday that an employee has been fired after allegations of sex assault. The victim is described as being of preschool age.

Bright Horizons Child Care and Learning Center in Baldwin Park on Monday evening held an emergency meeting for concerned parents. The facility said its director has been placed on leave.

In a letter sent home to parents, the day care said the Florida Department of Children and Families came to the center on Friday and made them aware of the allegations of sexual battery. The day care is not releasing the person's name. The letter also said three other students were interviewed by state investigators.

"We were shocked and troubled to learn about this investigation," Bright Horizons said in a statement. "Our most important responsibility is to ensure the well-being and safety of the children in our care, and we will do whatever we can to support the child involved and their family. The teacher has been terminated and we will continue to help CPS as they look into what may have happened. We will continue to communicate with our families at the center throughout this process, and remain focused on providing children and families with exceptional care and ensuring that our staff has additional resources."

News 6 uncovered that the same employee under investigation pleaded guilty to misdemeanor calling in a bomb threat in the state of Virginia in 2013.

According to the Florida Department of Children and Families website, an inspection of the facility in April issued a warning to the day care for failing to complete background checks on employees every five years.

Bright Horizons said the former employee under investigation was cleared by the state of Florida to work in child care.

Security guards have also been hired at the day care in the event the terminated employee returns.

Orlando police did not release any further details other than confirming that there is an active investigation at the facility.

Please, please, please do not hire men as child care givers.
It is not worth the risk!

Aging man jailed in Denmark for
Philippine child sex abuse

A court in Denmark has sentenced a 70-year-old man to 12 years in jail for having ordered the sexual assaults of Filipino children and young people to be broadcast online. 

The Copenhagen suburban Glostrup court says the man, who was not identified, was guilty of 218 counts of online assault of children under the age of 18 _ ranging from indecent behavior to rape. 

The court said today that evidence included chats the man had from 2011 to 2016 with people in the Philippines who offered sex shows. The chats were found on his computer, which police had seized. 

Prosecutor Helene Braedder described the case as "unusual and coarse'' and added it was "of an extent that we have not seen in Denmark before.''-AP

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell? Jeffrey Epstein's Partner in Crime

by cathy fox blog on Child Abuse

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of criminal and Mossad spy Robert Maxwell appears to have gone underground

She is connected to the Epstein child sex case and accused of procuring children for sex. She is also subject to civil cases, but apparently is refusing to accept service of legal documents.

Does anyone know where she is?

The Epstein case is thought to be a CIA/ Mossad connected brownstone operation for compromising politicians and other powerful people.

See also:
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Here is the article from Daily Caller in the US

Jeffrey Epstein’s Runaway Procurer

Ghislaine N. Maxwell is on the run again.  A close friend of HRH Prince Andrew and former president Bill Clinton was sued once more.  Maxwell refuses to accept service and instructed her Denver, Colorado attorneys, Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, not to accept service on her behalf.  Maxwell’s attorneys also announced they do not know her whereabouts. The case: Jane Doe #43 vs. Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff, and Natalya Malyshev, is the second pending civil lawsuit filed against Maxwell by a sex trafficked survivor.

Filed January 26, 2017, in New York, this case shows how Maxwell and her former companion, Jeffrey E. Epstein, sexually abused Jane Doe #43 when she was a minor living in Manhattan.  Maxwell is a dual citizen of England and France and until recently owned a residence in New York City off Madison Avenue.  Jane Doe #43 otherwise known as Sarah Ransome is a native South African.

Ransome was recruited in Manhattan by Natalya Malyshev who apparently procured for Epstein and Maxwell.  Malyshev introduced her to Maxwell, Epstein, and the alleged procurers named in the case.  Ransome, “Believed her [conformity] with [Maxwell’s and Epstein’s] demands were crucial to her physical, psychological, financial survival.”  During the 6-month period of dependence, Epstein provided Ransome with a cell phone and an apartment at his building at 301 East 66 Street in Manhattan.  The abusive relationship lasted between October 2006 until end of April 2007, when Ransome ran away and left the country.

Maxwell, who allegedly instructed Ransome how to massage Epstein expected the girl to, “Provide Epstein with massages in order to reap the benefits of his and Maxwell’s connections.”  Ransome said, “Maxwell and Epstein threatened [her and] that while they had the ability to advance her education and career, they also had the ability to make sure she would obtain no formal education or modeling agency contracts if she failed to provide the sexual favors… [unless she obeyed] the instructions given her by Epstein and Maxwell.”  Ransome agreed to perform sex acts with Maxwell and Epstein because she wanted to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, “FIT,” in Manhattan. Case 1:17-cv-00616-JGK Filed 01/26/17

In fact, the introduction by defendant Malyshev, turns out to be part of the massive underage sex pyramid scheme created in the 1990s by Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Sarah Kellen and other defendants identified in this case.  Sex crimes apparently committed by Maxwell and Epstein were perpetrated against dozens of at risk, underage, vulnerable girls looking primarily for part time jobs, modeling work, and money to pay for their higher education.

The scope and range of sex crimes against minors were so heinous that Epstein was eventually arrested in 2005.  In 2008, Epstein served 13 months in a private cell in a private building at the Palm Beach County jail followed by 18 months of house arrest in his Palm Beach estate.  Maxwell and the other defendants were never criminally charged in the 2005 criminal case.

Ransome said, “Epstein made it known that further sex would be required in order for her to obtain [his] assistance and avoid Ransome’s threatened retaliation if [she] did not perform as demanded.”  Maxwell and Epstein told Ransome, “other young [girls]…were there not only to provide massages, but also sexual acts.” “Epstein gave [Ransome], no option.”  The girl was coerced “dozens of times to provide body massages to Epstein at his [Manhattan] townhouse and on his private island [Little St. John], in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She was also “Required to perform [sex acts] with Epstein, [and was] transported [on his private jet].”  With the intent to sexually exploit Ransome the defendants, Maxwell, Leslie Groff and Kellen also, “arranged [Ransome’s] commercial air travel on numerous occasions.”

“On one occasion, after suffering verbal abuse and threats by Epstein, Maxwell, and Kellen, Ransome attempted to escape Epstein’s island.  A search party led by Epstein located her and physically returned her to [his] main house.”  Ransome claims she remained with Maxwell and Epstein between October 2006-April 2007 because she was scared and if she had run away perhaps they, “Would physical[ly] restrain and potential[ly] harm her, as well as [damage] her reputation, employability, and state of mind.”  In January 2007, “Maxwell and Epstein along with the other procurers sent Ransome back to South Africa to recruit, for a promised fee, one or more aspiring female models supposedly for Epstein to use as a personal assistant.” They threatened not to pay for her education and help her in her career if she did not meet their terms.

“While in South Africa Sarah Ransome refused to recruit the minor girls, and returned to New York. Maxwell and Epstein threatened her. They also [told] her she would not be [allowed] back to the U.S. unless she went on a diet and lost 57 kilos approximately 125 pounds.”  Vulnerable, ambitious and inexperienced, Ransome believed, “she had no choice and attempted to lose the weight.”

The diet led to “kidney malfunction and extreme emotional and psychological distress.” Epstein and Maxwell, “Called Sarah’s parents in South Africa [to explain] they would take good care of Sarah when she returned to the U.S. and would use their connections and influence to have [her] admitted to FIT or another well-regarded fashion school.”  In February 2007, Ransome returned to New York and was immediately forced to have sex with Epstein.”  By May 2007, when Maxwell and Epstein did not keep their promise “Ransome left the U.S. and did not return.”

It seems, “Epstein’s wealth, influence, power and connections were used both as an inducement to provide sex (in exchange for promises of support), and as a means of threatening punishment (should [Ransome and other minors] refuse to comply with [his] instructions.”. On May 11th, Brad Edwards one of the attorneys representing several trafficked survivors in the Epstein cases, filed an extension of service.  Edwards a South Florida attorney represents Ransome in partnership with David Boies in New York.  Neither attorney returned my calls for comments.  Edwards and Boies are jointly representing another victim, Virginia R. Giuffre, pro bono in the ongoing Virginia Giuffre vs. Ghislaine Maxwell case.

Virginia R. Giuffre vs. Ghislaine Maxwell is related to the same 2005 Epstein/Maxwell sex trafficking criminal case.   Scheduled for trial May 15th, in New York, it has been rescheduled to May 25th.  According to court filings that have been heavily redacted, attorneys for Virginia Giuffre postponed the May 15th jury trial pending settlement talks.  Judge Robert Sweet, a Carter appointee, is the presiding judge.  The New York Post and New York Daily News are on record objecting to the heavily redacted filings.

It seems that after so many years, the case of Virginia Louise Roberts Giuffre, and the attorneys who represented her have agreed to settle for a large payout with Ghislaine Maxwell, the lover and alleged principal procurer of Jeffrey Epstein. This is after displays of lengthy legal battles in the public eye.  Confrontations that served only to massage the egos of the attorneys and make a lot of noise.  The Roberts-Giuffre and perhaps the Ransome sex trafficking cases are text book cases where money, politics, power, and greed win the day over truth and justice.

Nigeria's Other Problem - Child Sex Abuse and Violence Against Women & Children

FG, Jose Foundation Working to Curb Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Exploitation is not alien to Nigeria, it is rooted in tradition, in some cases, fetish and ungodly religious beliefs with children and vulnerable women as victims. To curtain this, Jose Foundation is partnering the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development in curbing the menace.

September, 2015 findings from the Nigeria Violence Against Children Survey carried out by the National Population Commission, with support from UNICEF and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found a high prevalence of violence against children in Nigeria.

one in four girls and one in ten boys experience sexual violence

The population-based study revealed that approximately 6 out of every 10 Nigerian children under the age of 18 years, experience some form of physical, emotional and sexual violence before the age of 18 years.

One in two children experience physical violence, one in four girls and one in ten boys experience sexual violence, and one in six girls and one in five boys experience emotional violence.

The majority of children never tell anyone about their experience and less than 5% of children who experience violence ever receive the support they need to recover.

The survey found that childhood violence has a long term impact that lasts well into adulthood, including poorer mental and physical health outcomes. Individuals who experienced physical and sexual violence in childhood were also significantly more likely to perpetrate intimate partner violence.

The shocking rape of a six-months-old baby in Kano recently that left the nation in shock further reinforced the call by experts to tighten security around minors against child sexual exploitation.

The defilement of the baby no doubt, touched the heart of Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari and the Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II both of whom visited the victim in hospital and expressing shock at the incident.

LEADERSHIP recalled that Jose Foundation in 2016, wrote a letter to the Wife of the President, the Inspector General of Police and Wife of the Senate President, informing them of the growing trend of abuse of minors and women in the country.

In the letter it called for a pragmatic action from highly placed individuals in authority to step up action against violence on children and vulnerable women in IDP camps and other parts of Nigeria.

IDP camps are camps for people displaced by the war with Boko Haram. More than 2 million northern Nigerians are in displaced peoples camps which are subject to all sorts of violence and abuse.

Although, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) may not actually be a ‘Nigerian Phenomenon’ the prevalence of abuse of minors in the country is has become ‘alarming’.

Unfortunately, several reported cases of child sexual exploitation have close family members as the ‘usual culprits’ pushing experts to redraw plans on how to deal with the monster that has continued to gain grounds in Nigeria in recent times.

Not even the Child Rights Act (2003) has been able to deter the evil doers from crying out heinous crimes against innocent minors in the country, worse is that some states are finding hard to domesticate the Act due factors centred around religion, culture and lack of political will.

The situation has not only affected many psychologically, but has also threatened the future of millions of children around the country.

An international non-governmental organisation, Jose Foundation since 2003 has continued to champion the fight against child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Nigeria.

To address the issue of CSE in the country, Jose Foundation has been carrying series of public awareness on how parents can protect their children from falling into the hands of sexual exploiters.

This includes advocacy, creating awareness, trainings and international diplomacy to draw attention of leaders worldwide to the plights of the vulnerable in the society.

The promotion of CSE campaigns necessitated the need to organise a workshop for all stakeholders in the protection of minors in Nigeria.

The Foundation through the Nigerian mission in the United Kingdom recently submitted a training proposal to several ministries in Nigeria including the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social development.

LEADERSHIP can exclusively report that the ministry of women affairs and social development responded to the Foundation’s request by asking for the details of the proposed programme.

Details of the proposed workshop which has been delivered to the Nigerian High Commission in London to be transmitted to Abuja, LEADERSHIP learnt will bring the crème de la crème in the Nigerian society under one roof to discuss child sexual exploitation, it’s implications to Nigeria and how it can be tackled.

Between August 15 and 21, 2017, some members of the federal executive council, lawmakers, the military and the internally displaced persons (IDPs), parents, care givers, family members and community leaders will have to listen to a group of experts from the United Kingdom fighting CSE on how to curb the menace in Nigeria.

Others to attend the workshop are: religious leaders; development workers; heads of schools; and other officers including law enforcement agents and social care educators.

Speaking on the planned workshop, President, Jose Foundation, Prince Martins Abhulimhen exclusively told LEADERSHIP that the time has come for Nigeria to join other nations who are showing commitment to the protection of minors and women from sexual abuse.

“We have taken responsibility to work with the Nigerian government to tackle CSE and that is why we choose to submit our programme details for government scrutiny and full participation”, he said.

He noted that the Foundation planned to launch a book on Child Sexual Exploitation written in three of Nigeria’s major languages and the setting up of a Jose Foundation Therapy Centre in Nigeria to be manage by UK experts to train Nigerians on how to handle victims.

The book is to act as a day to day guideline that children must read to checkmate any kind of abuse from perpetrators.

He said the seven man team of experts from the UK on CSE will be led by Jayne Senior, a Councillor in Rotherham. She was credited for revealing a pattern of exploitation in the town that saw large numbers of children and young people groomed, gang raped and tortured by groups of men.

At least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.

Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated.

Consequently, to further fight the scourge in the United Kingdom, the government is spending about 40 million pounds in 2017 alone. Amount considered too low by some critics while Nigeria with a rising cases of CSE is lagging behind.

LEADERSHIP learnt that Lawmakers and ministers will be the first to be briefed on the topic. Personal experiences and skills around tackling CSE will shared and Why CSE is a global issue and the short term and long term effects of CSE on victims and families.

The military and officials of IDP camps will learn different types of exploitation. This will include the impact of victims both short term and long term and moral and legal issues.

Religious leaders will be taught on how to spot the signs of CSE, their role in protecting children from harm. While law enforcement agents and social care educators are to learn awareness raising within local economy, indicators of a child at risk, long and short term impact of abuse on children, and reporting and referring concerns to relevant agencies.

Police also need training in how to respond to abused children. Often a policeman's first response is to doubt or question a child's revelation of abuse. They may not be aware that it takes incredible courage for most children to come forward and speak of their abuse and if it appears authorities don't believe them, they may stop talking and never raise the issue again.

Meanwhile, working with families and communities in this regard has been identified as a measure to fencing the child against people with the intention to sexually exploit minors.

Monitoring and engaging children is said to make minors and their parents have a sense of what constitutes child abuse and what is not.

Organisers of the workshop praise the interest so far shown by the minister of Women Affairs and Social development, Senator Aisha Jummai Al-hassan, for the welfare of Nigerian children while calling on other government agencies to join hands in the fight against child sexual exploitation.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Total Lack of Awareness’: Elite NH Boarding School Bungled Previous Sexual Abuse Report

© Brian Snyder / Reuters

St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire has become the latest elite boarding school to publish a report outlining “substantiated claims” of misconduct by former faculty and staff members and admitting the school failed to protect students.

At the request of the private Episcopal school, the Boston, Massachusetts-based law firm of Casner & Edwards conducted an independent investigation into 34 allegations of sexual misconduct by former faculty and staff.

Their damning 73-page report found 13 substantiated claims of sexual misconduct by former faculty and staff who were named, 10 other reports of sexual misconduct by former faculty and staff who were not named, and 11 unsubstantiated claims of sexual misconduct by current and former faculty and staff.

“Put simply but starkly, several former faculty and staff sexually abused children in their care in a variety of ways, from clear boundary violations to repeated sexual relationships to rape,” the report said.

The school contacted the law firm last May after it was revealed that Reverend Howard Willard “Howdy” White Jr., a faculty member at St. Paul’s from 1967 to 1971, had been identified as one of a number of faculty members at St. George’s boarding school in Rhode Island who had engaged in widespread sexual abuse against students in the 1970s and 1980s.

White pleaded guilty last week in a Massachusetts court to molesting a St. George’s student during trips to Boston in 1973, the Boston Globe reported.

A total of four St. Paul’s alumni spoke with investigators about White. One of them described the reverend as a “predatory individual” who “molested” a friend of his.

Two women noted White’s “misogynistic tendencies but also indicated that there were far worse individuals on the faculty at the time,” the report said. Although the school had no documented complaints against White, investigators found that he sexually abused a 15-year-old student for an “extended period of time” while at St. Paul’s, which they referred to Concord police in 2016.

Along with investigating any potential misconduct by White at St. Paul’s, the firm was asked to scrutinize any other faculty and staff who may have engaged in inappropriate behavior or sexual misconduct with students. After speaking with school alumni, the investigators looked into 34 total claims that spanned from 1948 to 1988.

“While there was no single pattern or type of methodology used by former faculty and staff who committed these sexually abusive acts, the conduct collectively, the impact on the students, and the tolerance by those who had some understanding of the acts, as well as the total lack of awareness expressed to us by most of the other faculty and leadership, is all equally troublesome,” the report read.

There were three incidents outlined in the report where the student and faculty member married each other “almost immediately following the student’s graduation,” including a scenario where the faculty member was married while having sex with the student.

In another case, the faculty member followed the student to her home country, where they married. “Within months of their marriage, the faculty member died at age forty-eight (48), and the student committed suicide at the age of nineteen (19),” the report said.

The investigators also reviewed a previous report on faculty misconduct from 2000. At that time, former students identified 22 faculty members who had engaged in sexual misconduct but only three of them were investigated.

Rector Michael G. Hirschfeld and Archibald Cox Jr., president of the board of trustees, issued a written apology released to the school community with the conclusions of the investigation.

“We offer our most sincere apology to survivors for the wrongs that were done to them at St. Paul’s School,” the two men wrote. “The failures uncovered in this report have hurt every member of our School community, none more so than the survivors of these abuses.”

They also addressed the “inadequate” 2000 sexual misconduct report.

"There is no excuse for the failure to pursue allegations when they were initially made in 2000," the letter said. "That was an error in both priorities and basic judgment and it is important to correct those actions."

The investigation did not uncover any reports later than 1988, and the report noted that “beginning in 1995, SPS leadership began to undertake efforts to establish written policies on boundaries and sexual abuse and harassment, and to educate faculty on mandatory child abuse reporting laws.”

Since 2000, however, the school has fired six faculty members “for boundary violations that did not rise to the level of sexual misconduct,” the apology letter said.

The St. Paul’s report comes on the heels of similar independent investigations at St. George’s and at Choate Hall, an elite private boarding school in Connecticut once attended by John F. Kennedy. The inquiries were a response to a series of articles by the Boston Globe about sex abuse at New England private schools.

And don't forget Culture of Rape in Prestigious New England Prep School

Elite boarding schools provide an opportunity for such sexual misconduct to occur because of their insular nature, Paul Mones, a lawyer who represents victims of sexual abuse, told the New York Times after the Choate report was published in mid-April.

St. Paul’s will provide resources for survivors, noting that, while there is “no one-size-fits-all approach,” in the past, the school has “provided survivors with resources to support counseling, and we have compensated them for their pain.”

Concord, NH