Everyday thousands of children are being sexually abused. You can stop the abuse of at least one child by simply praying. You can possibly stop the abuse of thousands of children by forwarding the link in First Time Visitor? by email, Twitter or Facebook to every Christian you know. Save a child or lots of children!!!! Do Something, please!

3:15 PM prayer in brief:
Pray for God to stop 1 child from being molested today.
Pray for God to stop 1 child molestation happening now.
Pray for God to rescue 1 child from sexual slavery.
Pray for God to save 1 girl from genital circumcision.
Pray for God to stop 1 girl from becoming a child-bride.
If you have the faith pray for 100 children rather than one.
Give Thanks. There is more to this prayer here

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Stories from UK, NZ & Brazil on Today's Global PnP List

Preventive detention for abuse of fourth child

I'm not familiar with this sentence, but it seems to be better than another short term in prison then release. My fear is that he will fool people into thinking he is better when, it should be obvious by now, he will never be better. Prison for the rest of his life is the appropriate sentence.

By David Clarkson

A 52-year-old Christchurch man has been jailed indefinitely for sex offences against a fourth child which followed years of intensive rehabilitation.

Rene De Kwant was given preventive detention by Justice Cameron Mander in the High Court at Christchurch, after admitting a representative charge about a series of indecent acts on an eight-year-old boy.

De Kwant has already served a nine-year jail term for sexual offending against three children.

Justice Mander told him: “You have been offending against children since 1990. You remain a high risk of reoffending and the level of harm you present is significant. I am satisfied that preventive detention is the appropriate response.”

Under the order, De Kwant cannot be considered for parole for five years, and then he will not be released until the Parole Board accepts his risk to the community has lowered.

Justice Mander also gave him a first-strike warning, under the system which imposes harsher sentences on people who reoffend with serious crimes.

In his latest offending, De Kwant befriended the boy’s mother and told her he “felt he had a personal connection with the child”. That led to him masturbating the boy several times when he was alone with him. The boy eventually disclosed the offending to his mother.

Justice Mander said the boy had been left “physically and emotionally exhausted” by the offending. His parents feel the child has regressed, suffers social problems at school, and has a fear of adult males.

Defence counsel Elizabeth Bulger urged that a finite prison term be imposed rather than an open-ended preventive detention term. She said De Kwant was willing to take any treatment or intervention arranged for him. He continued to have good support in the community.

The pre-sentence report writer referred to De Kwant being “angry and disgusted with himself”, and his expressions of remorse and shame were assessed as being genuine. But Justice Mander said it was “coupled with a high degree of self-pity for your situation”.

Justice Mander said he could only impose preventive detention if he was satisfied that De Kwant was likely to commit another qualifying offence after his release from custody.

“The protection of the community must be considered,” he said, referring to the long term difficulties De Kwant had caused to the child and his family.

“He is the fourth child on whom you have inflicted this insidious damage,” said the judge.

He noted that De Kwant had already undergone treatment including the Kia Marama programme for sex offenders, the Stop programme, and 47 one-on-one sessions with a clinical psychologist.

The treatment had not prevented him from reverting to a pattern of behaviour which included the sexual abuse of a child. He had abandoned the various teachings and skills he had been given, and the “refresher” course he had done. “You say you were shocked by the extent to which had strayed,” said the judge.

De Kwant was capable of separating his offending from the rest of his life, and remaining apparently normal to others. Although he had lived successfully in the community for a period, he had “failed to sustain the gains you achieved from previous intensive treatment”.

Council boss claims she was forced out after raising concerns about suspected child sexual exploitation
Camilla Turner, education editor 

A COUNCIL boss has claimed she was forced out after raising concerns about suspected grooming and sexual exploitation of underage girls.

Maggie Siviter, a former child safeguarding lead at North Somerset Council, claimed that authorities failed to act after she warned that licensed premises were suspected of being used to groom vulnerable young girls.

Speaking at her employment tribunal, she said she was “mindful” of the situation that emerged in Rotherham, where child sex abuse by predominantly British-Pakistani men continued for years, unchallenged by authorities.

Ms Siviter told Pontypridd County Court that she had concerns about the influence of Cllr Peter Bryant on the council’s willingness to investigate her claims. She claimed Cllr Bryant was an acquaintance of some of the local businessmen accused of owning premises where child sexual exploitation was suspected to have taken place.

Ms Siviter said her dismissal from North Somerset Council in November 2015 – after just six months in the post – was “retaliation” for making disclosures to Ofsted, the watchdog for children and young people in care.

She convened a series of council strategy meetings about the suspected grooming of vulnerable girls, but escalated her concerns to Ofsted after she realised that no risk assessments had been carried out, despite her warnings.

The girls – one of whom was in care, and one who was previously in care – were suspected of being sexually exploited at Butterfly’s massage parlour, and an Indian restaurant in Weston-super-Mare.

Suspicions were first raised by Julian Feltwell, a council official who was investigating premises owned by local restaurateur Alkas Hussain for supplying counterfeit tobacco, the tribunal heard.

“There was the suspicion [that] tobacco was being used to groom and reward children for possible child sexual exploitation,” said Mr Feltwell, an assistant manager of community and consumer services at North Somerset Council.

“I became aware employees of one businessman in question resided in a house of multiple occupancy owned by Cllr Bryant.”

Mr Feltwell said that Cllr Bryant was connected to another businessman who he said was “previously suspected of allowing young girls on to his licensed premises where the suspicion was that they were being groomed”.

Mr Feltwell told the tribunal that Cllr Bryant had provided a character reference for the businessman when he stood trial for pulling a shotgun on a council bailiff who was collecting unpaid council tax. The businessman later served a prison sentence for the offence.

Ms Siviter told the tribunal that she found it “concerning” that Cllr Bryant “had connections with those who we’d discussed as being potentially harmful to children”, adding: “There were concerns the behaviour of an elected member was affecting the safeguarding of children at risk of sexual exploitation.”

Ms Siviter called three multi-agency strategy meetings between August and October 2015 to discuss intelligence about the suspected child sexual exploitation. She convened the second meeting after it came to light that children had been working at the massage parlour in Weston-super-Mare.

“One girl said she had worked there for 18 months and made allegations that she had been forced to have sex with men,” she told the tribunal.

Ms Siviter said she contacted Ofsted after the third meeting, when she felt her pleas to the council to investigate the matter were falling on deaf ears.

“The quality of the service provided to children was severely compromised. I later disclosed to a colleague I’d made a whistleblowing statement,” she said.

Tony Oliver, chair of North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board, described one of the meetings as “based on rumours and speculation”.

The tribunal continues this week.

North Somerset, UK

Canoeist Emma Kelty was 'raped and tortured' before bungling attackers set off SOS alarm

British canoeist Emma Kelty was tortured and raped as she died after being shot, villagers have claimed.

The full details of the adventurer's last moments were revealed in a confession by one of the suspects hours after the attack.

Ringleader Evanilson Gomes da Costa, 24, died Wednesday after being shot by rival gangsters.

Residents of the small riverside community of Lauro Sodre, near to where the crime took place, said all seven men accused of her murder are well-known drugs users in the village.

And one local who knows da Costa - known by his nicknamed Baia - said the gangster spoke to him in the early hours of the morning following Ms Kelty's death last Wednesday night, revealing what they had done.

The man, who didn't want to be named, said: "He said he was one of four men. The woman had put up her tent on the beach in exactly the area where the Colombia drug traffickers go through, and which is crawling with pirates who wait for them to arrive to attack.

"These men aren't pirates though, they are just drug users. We are all shocked that these men from our community did such a terrible thing to this woman.

"When the men saw her tent they thought it belonged to a Colombian with drugs, so they started firing from about 50 metres away. The woman was hit in the arm. She started waving frantically and screaming for help."

He said that when the four men saw that she was a woman they attacked her and, still believing she was carrying drugs, cut off her hair with a knife while demanding to know where the drugs were.

According to the man, one of the group then slit her through with the knife, before all four men "sexually abused her".

He said they then dragged her body to the river and dumped it in the fast-moving water.

He said: "The men fled into the forest after we all found out what they had done. We provided the police with the details and their identities. We're all disgusted by what they have done."

Yesterday the chief police officer in Coari, Jose Afonso Barradas Junior, also revealed that one of the suspects, Artur Gomes da Silva, had confessed to slitting the former headteacher's throat.

He was arrested yesterday after an anonymous tip-off.

And Mr Barradas Junior also revealed how the "stupid" gangsters unwittingly alerted authorities to their crime after accidentally triggering a distress signal on her GPS device, police said today.

Investigators had first thought the emergency alert which pinpointed Emma Kelty's exact location and triggered a search operation by Brazil's Navy had been sent by the victim herself.

But in fact the 'SOS' button was pressed by one of her killers who was trying to work out how to use the device they had stolen, an hour and a half after her death.

Police have now recovered the GPS device, as well as a mobile phone and a memory card, which the gang of seven 'pirates' sold to local villagers after killing her.

The GPS signal sent at 10pm last Wednesday night led investigators to the riverside village of Lauro Sodre, 150 miles west of Manaus, and a manhunt which has brought about the arrest of three men accused of her murder.

A fourth man was killed yesterday in an unrelated gangfight, and three brothers are still on the run.

Yesterday Coari police chief Jose Afonso Barradas Junior said he doubted anyone would have discovered what happened to Ms Kelty if the "stupid" gangsters hadn't set off her emergency locator by mistake.

He said: "They didn't know how it worked, so were messing around with it and pushing buttons.

"One of them must have pushed the button which transmitted an alert that she was in trouble. In turn the company that received it alerted the Navy, along with the exact location of where the button was pushed.

"Without that, it would have been very difficult to know where in this vast area of jungle she had gone missing.

"It would have probably remained an unsolved mystery and her killers never brought to justice.

"The place where she disappeared is a very complicated area, it's difficult to access and there are no telephones or mobile signal. The criminals thought they could kill her in impunity, but then they stupidly pressed the only button which could have turned them in to the police."

Mr Barradas Junior added that some of the locals who bought Ms Kelty's stolen items from the pirates later hid them in the forest after finding out who they belonged to.

He said: "They were afraid that they could be arrested for being in possession of stolen property.

"But they later took police to the places where they had hid them so the items could be recovered."

Saturday, 23 September 2017

2 Dreadful Stories with Lots of Legs on Today's Global PnP List

2nd Indian spiritual guru arrested for rape

Police in Alwar, Rajasthan have arrested a well-known spiritual guru for allegedly raping a 21-year-old woman. 

Falahari Maharaja was imprisoned for 15 days while authorities complete their investigation.

The woman, a law student, said the guru sexually assaulted her on August 7 when she went to give him 3,000 rupees she had earned while working with an attorney in New Delhi.

“Her family told her to give it to the Baba. When she went to meet him, he told her to wait and then raped and threatened her. The parents came to us after the woman told them everything and we registered a case,” said police officer Archana Jha, as cited by NDTV.

Falahari Maharaj, also known as the “Baba” or godman, has a large following in India and the woman’s family had reportedly been devotees for several years, having donated significant sums of money to him.

The woman’s father said that more such cases involving Maharaja would surface as a result of his daughter's coming forward.

“There are more such cases which will come up now. There are devotees associated with the godman who couldn’t come forward earlier because of fear, they will come up… Soon, the reality of the man will be revealed,” he said, according to the Hindustan Times.

Maharaj is the second high-profile Indian spiritual guru to be arrested for rape in less than a month.

In August, followers of the spiritual leader, Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan, burned down gas stations and set vehicles ablaze after a local court found him guilty of having raped two of his female followers in 2002.

Thousands of his supporters went on a rampage through the city of Panchkula, burning vehicles and clashing with police. In response, police used tear gas, water cannons and fired bullets to control the crowds.

Over 15,000 security personnel were deployed to deal with the violence in which dozens of people were killed.

There are no shortage of stories of Indian holy men taking advantage of women and girls. It happens all over the world and even the famous Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was accused of it. 

Notorious ‘gap year’ paedophile ‘highly likely’ to have had victims in UK and 3 Asian countries

To the outside world, Richard Huckle was a regular 19 year-old from Kent. Fresh out of school, he was setting off across the world on his gap year, like thousands of other British students.

No one could have predicted that this ordinary middle-class boy would become an extraordinarily evil paedophile - one of the worst in recent history.

Huckle’s gap year was a springboard for a relentless campaign of child sexual abuse that lasted almost a decade.

The youngest was just six months old

In 2016, Huckle was convicted of 71 offences against 23 children. The youngest was just six months old. The judge at his trial noted that the number of his victims was likely to be nearer to 200.

Huckle’s known victims are Malaysian and Cambodian, but Jim Gamble, who used to lead child abuse investigations in Britain, told me Huckle is "highly likely" to have offended here.

"I would be shocked if there were no victims of his in this country."

The National Crime Agency caught and arrested Huckle in 2014, following a tip-off from Australian colleagues investigating a notorious dark web paedophile site. Their painstaking analysis of the material Huckle posted on the dark web helped put him behind bars for at least 25 years.

Huckle on camera BBC Three

How did Huckle get away with this for so long? I wanted to find out. I also wanted to find out whether his offending was even more prolific than the judge had suggested, and whether his known victims were getting any help.

Huckle’s social media and online activity was pulled down to protect his victims.

His family has disowned him, and most of his acquaintances (he didn’t seem to have many friends) simply refused to meet me.

Eventually, though, I got my hands on a diary that Huckle kept. Eight months later, I had uncovered missed opportunities to stop him, a previously undetected victim - and the strong possibility that Huckle had abused children in this country.


Quickly, a pattern of behavior emerged. Huckle had travelled to Malaysia for his gap year, where he masqueraded as a devoted Christian and English teacher, accessing children through churches, schools and orphanages.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, Huckle fooled people into believing that he cared for the children. Instead, he was plying them with drink and drugs, abusing them in the most horrific ways imaginable, and recording it to share with other paedophiles on the dark web. He even wrote a manual to instruct other paedophiles on how to do it themselves.

Ann Jones used to work for World Challenge, the company that organised Huckle’s gap year. She told me Huckle had been trouble from the start. She recalled, “He made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.”

Ann Jones BBC Three

He was moved from his first school placement because he rubbed other 'gappers' up the wrong way. So Ann found a church, where Huckle became a Sunday school teacher.

But, soon, she had to remove Huckle from the church and from the Gap Year Challenge programme altogether, following reports of him smacking some of the children.

Instead of Huckle leaving Malaysia, though, Ann later learned that the church independently gave him his job back.

Huckle repeatedly mentioned the pastor of the church in his diary. But, when I tracked the pastor down, he insisted Huckle had never been a Sunday school teacher there and that he had no memory of any concerns about Huckle’s behaviour.

Mahi Ramakrishnan was one the first local journalists to investigate Huckle.

After Huckle’s conviction in 2016, Mahi interviewed one of his victims, who was repeatedly raped by Huckle from the age of three. This girl said she had told her family about the abuse, but had been told "to just shut up".

In Malaysia, it’s taboo to discuss the issue of child sexual abuse. The communities targeted by Huckle feel such shame that for many it is still easier to pretend nothing ever happened than to acknowledge the truth.

Huckle deliberately targeted the city’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.

He exploited his status as a white man to gain their trust, groom and then abuse their children. On the dark web, he boasted about how easy it was.


Huckle also travelled to Cambodia, a notorious magnet for Western paedophiles.

The capital, Phnom Penh, is teeming with street kids selling trinkets to make ends meet. One girl told me she’d been a street vendor since she was four, and told me of Western men luring street kids back to their hotel rooms.

There’s a Cambodian custom known as 'homestays', where tourists stay with local families, giving them much-needed income. Many are completely innocent about sex tourism. Huckle ruthlessly exploited this, abusing a two-year-old girl from a host family.

Bronagh Munro, reporter and presenter of BBC Three documentary The Gap Year Paedophile


Huckle spent his time in India embedded in poor communities, posing as a Christian – just as he did in Malaysia and Cambodia.

He made several references in his diary to one particular 10-year-old girl from a city slum. Huckle took photos of her, printing them out and giving these to her as gifts.

I met this girl and her family, who told me about her terrible ordeal.

I couldn’t find any sign of an investigation by British or Indian authorities into Huckle’s trips to India.

The kids have really taken to me as their giant playmate.
I got a kiss from a little girl.

Richard Huckle's UK diary

During the nine years Huckle was based in Asia, he made several return trips to the UK, including a significant amount of time in two churches in Britain. In one of those churches he had become a Sunday school teacher – just as he had in Malaysia.

His diary talked of sleepovers at some of the kids’ houses. He wrote: "The kids have really taken to me as their giant playmate. I got a kiss from a little girl."

Jim Gamble, who used to lead child abuse investigations in Britain, was adamant about the need for more extensive investigation. “We need to look at what went on in the UK at the times and places that he occupied here in positions of trust.”

Keith Niven, a senior member of the NCA’s child protection unit, told me: “We’re aware of two churches that he attended (in the UK). We’ve approached both those churches and… they’ve assured us to the best of their knowledge that they are not aware of any offending.”

Niven added that, “if there are any families, parents, children that believe that he has been engaged in any sexual activity with children, then we would like to speak to them.”

Huckle has refused to hand over the passwords for some of his hard drives.

Their content remains unknown.

BBC Three documentary The Gap Year Paedophile is available on BBC iPlayer from 26 September.

Asian Sex Gang Victim Raped by THOUSANDS of Men Since She Was 14

But despite bravely telling her story, Caitlin Spencer is powerless
to name and shame her abusers

Caitlin Spencer, not her real name, has opened up on her 15-year-long ordeal for the first time
(Image: Getty)

Over 15 years, from the age of 14, Caitlin Spencer was raped by thousands of men.

The result was 11 pregnancies, which led to seven abortions, two miscarriages, and two babies who Caitlin kept, learning to love the daughters whose fathers were monsters.

Now, she is bravely telling her horrific story for the first time. Hers is undoubtedly one of the very worst cases of UK child trafficking at the hands of a predominantly Asian sex gang heard to date. And, shockingly, Caitlin – whose real name we are protecting for her safety – says the vast gang, which includes a local politician, is still at large.

She was told she would be killed if she told anyone about the horrific abuse, which led to 11 pregnancies (Image: PA)

She wants to name names to protect other potential victims, but legally she can’t. Although she found the courage to make an official police report two years ago, her case was dropped.

Predominantly Asian sex gangs are no strangers to the headlines now. Three weeks ago, an 18-strong group was convicted in Newcastle of grooming and raping girls as young as 13. Police said there were 278 victims.

The case – which included men of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish backgrounds (certainly all of whom were Muslim) – followed similar convictions in Rochdale, Oxford, Bristol, Aylesbury and Peterborough. But Caitlin says this barely scrapes the surface of the network of abusers she believes exist.

Horrifyingly, she still sees gang members in her local area. She says many drive taxis, and she has seen one picking children up from a local school.

Speaking quietly, but with grim conviction, she warns: “The courts are only getting a handful of men out of these gangs. This is going on under our noses, the men are quite brazen.”

She adds, even more softly: “While they are out there I am never fully free.”

Referring to the Newcastle case, she says: “There is no way the gangs are that small, I can guarantee that. I would be taken to places across the country. I cannot count how many men raped me, but I believe it runs into thousands.”

These men were generally nameless to her, but she later found out one worked in local politics. She says: “I was obviously shocked that someone in that position is doing stuff like this. And angry, because he seems untouchable.”

Caitlin, who is telling her story in a new book, Please, Let Me Go, does not fit the stereotype of UK sex gang victims.

Like the majority, she was white and a young teenager when the abuse began, but unlike so many, she did not live in a children’s home. She and her younger brother lived with both their parents.

She had seven abortions and suffered two miscarriages, but carried two children to full term (Image: Getty)

But because her mum and dad were working away from home for long hours, they did not notice the initial signs of the abuse, which began when Caitlin spotted an advert searching for models.

Young, naive and home alone, she called the number. A man asked if he could come round to take some photos. “I thought it was normal,” she says.

When he forced her upstairs and made her strip, then violently raped her, she was too terrified to protest. When he left, he told her he would be in touch again and warned her not to tell a soul.

“I ran a bath,” she recalls. “Then I stayed in my room. I felt so dirty. I couldn’t face my family. I blamed myself.”

Within days, he rang and told her he would be round to pick her up. She was so terrified she went along with it. That was the start of her descent into trafficking and abuse.

She clearly remembers the very first “client” who raped her. “He was an older Asian man, who obviously had a family,” she says. “He had photos everywhere of his wife and kids.”

Then it became one or two clients a day, mostly Asian. “I was told I would be killed if I told anyone, that they would set the house on fire,” she explains.

These paedophiles did not use protection. In the very first year, Caitlin became pregnant, but an abortion was swiftly arranged. In a silent plea for help she kept a diary, which her mum eventually found. She called the police, but Caitlin’s recollection of the one and only officer who visited makes for shocking reading.

She says: “He seemed angry with me, asking me very intimate and upsetting questions. When I asked him to stop, he said I had to get used to it as this is what I would have to deal with in court. He told me that if I were to testify, I would get no protection.”

She adds: “For that reason, I never took it further. The police told my mother that I was a known prostitute and to leave me to it, that I’d stop when I was ready.”

She says her parents didn’t step in again, but says they are still close. They live nearby and help with her daughters, which is why Caitlin has not moved elsewhere. She says: “It’s easy for people to blame them, but I can see what a difficult position they were in. If the police wouldn’t help, what could they do?”

As men continued to turn up at the house, her parents arranged for her to live in a local hostel to protect her younger brother. “Then there was no one to keep an eye on me,” she says.

She was sold on to different traffickers and raped by more men, often in queues, sometimes in groups.

“Physically, I was in a lot of pain,” she recalls. “Sometimes I was able to become numb. But I couldn’t always do that.”

She says she was plied with drugs and booze and passed around with other girls at sex parties (Image: PA)

Sometimes, at sex parties, where she and two or three other girls would be passed around, the gang forced alcohol and drugs on her. “I don’t know half of the stuff I was given. I only took it when they got really angry. I think they wanted us to be addicted, then they had more power,” she says.

The men would call her names like “white bitch” and some became violent, threatening her with knives. “

At other times, she was filmed being raped, and the images were posted online, where some remain today.

Now suffering from PTSD, Caitlin has a lot of “blanks” in her memory.

And she admits that forming a bond with her daughters has been tough, especially with her eldest, who is mixed-race, but now she is able to love them.

“I can separate them from that horror. Sometimes they ask about their dads, but I would never want them to know.”

Caitlin’s abuse continued until 2013. By then, the gang was pestering her to find them younger girls, which she refused to do. Horrifyingly, they even began to enquire about her eldest daughter. Finally, after two horrific rapes in her own home, she found the courage to flee. She contacted a cousin in Australia and told her everything.

Caitlin and her girls lived out there for seven months, but could not get visas to stay. When they returned, support had already been set in motion.

She is finally telling her side in her book
Please Let Me Go

By September 2014, the then National Crime Agency’s Human Trafficking Centre officially deemed Caitlin a victim of trafficking. It warns that the problem is on the rise, and underestimated.

Will Kerr, the NCA’s Director of Vulnerabilities, said: “Modern slavery has rightly been made a priority across law enforcement, but it is a hidden crime so the onus is on us to seek it out.

“The more that we look for modern slavery, the more we find the evidence of widespread abuse of the vulnerable.”

He adds: “The growing body of evidence we are collecting points to the scale being far larger than anyone had previously thought. The intelligence we are gaining is showing that there are likely to be far more victims out there, and the numbers of victims in the UK has been underestimated.”

In early 2015, Caitlin agreed to anonymously give a speech in the House of Lords about her experience. In it, she told the full horror of her story, and how she had been failed by the police and medical professionals she attempted to tell over those 15 hellish years.

Sadly,many of her abusers are at large after her case she built against them crumbled last year (Image: Daily Mirror)

“These men find it OK to rape non-Muslim girls. It’s a brutal cult and needs to be stopped,” she told the House. “There are other young British girls who are still suffering today in the way I suffered at the hands of Muslim men, who should be behind bars.”

Bravely, she worked with police, identifying around 80 gang members on Facebook. But although initially they told her they could build a strong case, it crumbled last year.

Caitlin was told DNA evidence wasn’t strong enough, and her memory blanks made her an unreliable witness.

“I am utterly disgusted at the lack of interest from the police and the lack of protection they have given me,” she says.

Despite her fears, Caitlin is speaking out to alert people to the dangers of these gangs. “I can’t let them win. I’m afraid, yes, but I am now doing what I can to get the message out,” she says.

In spite of all the gross inadequacies of police and social services in Rotherham and many other cities where Muslim men ravaged little British girls for decades without interference, it appears the same attitude persists in many cities in Britain. Liberal councils and politicians are still all about protecting Muslims and the sacrificing of a generation of British girls on the altar of political correctness.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Football Scandal, Female Predator, Bad Cop on Today's UK PnP List

Manchester Man Facing Child Sex Abuse Image Charges
in 2 Communities
Written by NH1 News 

MANCHESTER — A Queen City man is accused of possessing child sex abuse images.

Police started investigating the case in Londonderry in August 2017. During that investigation, a detective from Londonderry found that James Fowler, 43, of Manchester, had child sex abuse images and they applied for a warrant to search his apartment, police said.

Manchester police executed the search warrant on Monday around 5 p.m. During that search, detectives found additional images and charged him with one count of possession of child sex abuse images, police said. 

He appeared in Hillsborough County Superior Court North on Thursday on the Manchester charge.

Londonderry police took Fowler into custody around noon Friday. He appeared in Derry district court on those charges and is being held on $20,000 cash or surety bail.

Fowler is expected be arraigned in Derry district court on Tuesday at 12:45 p.m.

Unfortunately, this report doesn't tell us what charged Fowler is being held on in Derry.

Premier League giants Chelsea rocked again by sex abuse scandal as '13 victims' identified

After being asked to conduct an internal probe, the Club has identified a number of potential victims and is handing over information to the police


The inquiry that revealed the potential victims came after former player Gary Johnson (right) was paid "hush money" (Image: Adam Gerrard/Daily Mirror)

At least 13 new victims have been identified in the sex abuse scandal at Premier League club Chelsea.

The Mirror previously told how ex-striker Gary Johnson was paid £50,000 “hush money” after Eddie Heath, the West London club’s former chief scout, abused him as a teenager.

An internal inquiry has now identified 13 other potential victims. Heath targeted Gary up to three times a week when he was in the youth team and it is feared he may have had links to others in a child sex ring.

Eddie Heath (1982) targeted Gary up to three times a week (Image: Tom Morris)

Gary, 58, who played alongside Chelsea all-time greats Ron Harris, Ray Wilkins, and Peter Bonetti from 1978 to 1981, has urged others to speak out.

He said: “I am glad others are coming forward as a result of my interview in the Mirror. That can only be a good thing and was the reason for waiving my right to anonymity.”

Chelsea were found to have done nothing wrong in their payment of compensation to Gary in 2014 with a gagging order.

But the Premier League requested a safeguarding audit from an independent expert. It is thought the club updates police on any new information.

World Cup hero Sir Geoff Hurst sacked Heath, who is now dead, in 1979.

Chelsea, London, UK

Woman paedo, 22, jailed for abusing two young teenage boys she plied with booze and drugs
By Aletha Adu

A WOMAN described as a "predatory and manipulative" paedophile has been jailed for six years for sexually abusing two teenage boys after plying them with booze and drugs.

Sophie Hiley, 22, invited schoolboys to her home where she forced them to perform sex acts while other people watched.

Cops described Sophie Hiley, 22, as a manipulative predator who ruined the lives of the two boys she sexually abused in front of people.

Cops who investigated the horrific abuse said it has left a "devastating impact" on the young lads' lives.

Hiley, of Chertsey, Surrey, was convicted of sexual activity with a boy and one count of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child under the age of 16.

A spokesman for Surrey police said the abuse was uncovered by Surrey Cops' Child Sexual Exploitation Team in March this year. They confirmed that Hiley had been exploiting the two young teenage boys by inviting them to her house where she plied them with alcohol and drugs. She then engaged them in sexual activity whilst others watched.

"Surrey Police treats all allegations of abuse extremely seriously and anyone who has any concerns that a child may be being groomed is urged to report it to us immediately where an extensive investigation will be carried out by specialist officers," the spokesman added.

Detective Constable Julia Thomas, who led the investigation, said: "Hiley is a manipulative predatory paedophile that has engaged in the systematic abuse of two children that she had access to over a prolonged period.

"Her offending has had a profoundly devastating impact on not only her victims' lives, but also those of their families, who are currently receiving ongoing support."

Wester Ross man jailed for sexual abuse of girl
in 10-year ordeal

A man who subjected a girl to a 10-year ordeal of sexual abuse has been jailed for five years.

Ian Highton, 54, of Kyle of Lochalsh, began abusing the girl when she was a primary school pupil.

He was caught by police after his victim and her family recorded conversations he had with her last year.

At Inverness Sheriff Court, Highton admitted a total of 10 charges, including seven sex offences.

He also pleaded guilty to having indecent images of children and showing them to the girl.

The offences were committed in Wester Ross between June 2006 and June 2016.

Highton was placed on the sex offenders register for an indefinite period.

'Appalling offences'

Jailing him at Inverness Sheriff Court, Sheriff Margaret Neilson described Highton's background report as "extremely depressing".

She said his sentence would have been for seven-and-a-half years had he not pleaded guilty at an early opportunity.

The sheriff said Highton had shown no remorse for his actions. She said: "Instead, you seek to blame the girl and her family.

"This was a lengthy course of criminal conduct against a child for a period of over 10 years. "These are appalling offences and the background report makes extremely depressing reading.

"It is one of the most depressing things I have read in my life."

This is one of the most depressing things I've read in awhile. He abuses the girl for 10 years and he gets only 5 years in his sentence. Some people would say that's a pretty good deal. I would say, it's pretty disgusting.

Wester Ross, Western Highlands, Scotland

Metropolitan Police officer charged with
sexually abusing children

Alleged paedophile has been suspended from work with
specialist crime and operations unit
Lizzie Dearden Home Affairs Correspondent 
The Independent Online

A serving Metropolitan Police officer has been accused of sexual offences against children.

PC Daniel Cooper, 31, works in the specialist crime and operations unit of the UK’s largest police force.

The alleged paedophile has been charged with 16 offences namely – four of gross indecency, four of indecent assault, two of sexually touching a child, five of possessing indecent images and one of sexual activity in front of a child.

“PC Cooper was not on duty at the time of the alleged offences,” a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said. “PC Cooper is suspended from duty.”

A spokesperson said he was charged by officers from Scotland Yard’s child abuse and sexual offences command and is due to appear at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on 19 October.

The force’s directorate of professional standards has been informed and will decide whether to dismiss the officer, who was arrested in May 2016.

Several officers have been disciplined or dismissed by the UK’s biggest force in recent months, including for assault, passing on offenders’ personal details, perverting the course of justice, criminal damage and misconduct in public office.

Another PC, Grant Thomas, was dismissed after admitting to making, distributing and possessing indecent images of children.

6 Rather Disturbing Stories on Today's USA PnP List

Self-proclaimed prophet gets up to 87 years
for child sex abuse

It's a wonder he didn't see that coming!
By Danielle Haynes  

UPI -- A Pennsylvania judge sentenced Lee Kaplan, a self-proclaimed prophet of God who molested several young girls in the same family, to 30 to 87 years in prison.

Judge Jeffrey Finley issued six prison sentences for Kaplan, one for each of the young girls he abused, to be served consecutively.

I love that word, consecutively!

A Bucks County jury found Kaplan guilty on 17 counts of child sex abuse in June. At the time of his arrest in 2016, Kaplan was found to be living with nine sisters, their mother and two more children he fathered with the oldest sister, who is now 19-years-old. Kaplan considered six of the sisters, five of whom were underage, to be his wives.

Kaplan, 52, told police that the girls' parents, Daniel Stoltzfus and Savilla Stoltzfus, "gifted" their eldest daughter to him when she was 14-years-old. Having convinced the formerly Amish Stoltzfus couple that he was their prophet, Kaplan told Daniel Stoltzfus to have all the daughters and his wife move in with him.

The parents both received prison sentences for enabling the abuse of their daughters.

Neighbors figured something to be amiss, due to the occasional sighting of the cadre of young girls in identical, homemade blue dresses, despite Kaplan's claims to be childless. A welfare check by authorities in 2016 led to Kaplan's arrest.

Kaplan didn't admit any wrongdoing in court Wednesday.

"I'm not sure what I can say to you, honestly," Kaplan told Finley. "I honestly believe no matter what I say, no matter how true it is, the weight of the media, public opinion, and politics is too great. Do what you feel is right."

St. Lucie School Board stands by firing a teacher who blew whistle on fiancé’s sexual abuse
School District taking a heartless approach and re-victimizing a victim
Andrew Atterbury

St. Lucie County School District has more than 40,400 students in 19 elementary schools, 9 K-8 campuses, four middle schools, and five high schools. The district also has four magnet schools. ANDREW ATTERBURY/TCPALM Wochit

PORT ST. LUCIE — An administrative law judge says the school district wrongly attempted to fire a teacher in 2013 after her fiancé, a high school band director, was charged with having sex with students.

The School Board on Friday, however, by a 3-2 vote, rejected the judge's recommendation to rescind the teacher's suspension and subsequent firing and to reinstate her with back pay and benefits.

Board members Troy Ingersoll, Kathryn Hensley and Debbie Hawley voted to uphold the termination of Janifer Thomas, according to Vicki Rodriguez, president of St. Lucie County Classroom Teachers Association. Donna Mills and Carol Hilson voted to reinstate Thomas, Rodriguez said.

"As far as we’re concerned, the school district is finished with this case," Hensley said Friday.

Thomas can appeal the board's decision once it is finalized at an upcoming meeting. The board's ruling against Thomas, who still is represented by the union, is incredibly unfortunate, Rodriguez said.

"I am extremely disappointed that three members of the School Board chose to victimize Janifer Thomas yet again," Rodriguez said. "She lost everything — her home, her career, her reputation and her relationship."

In September 2013, the school district fired Thomas, then a music teacher at Manatee Academy K-8 school, for failing to report child abuse and for breaking other board policies, according to court documents.

A day after receiving her termination letter, Thomas requested an administrative hearing. The board in November 2013 revoked her termination and suspended Thomas without pay, referring her case to the Division of Administrative Hearings. But a final administrative hearing wouldn't be held until February 1, 2017. She has been suspended without pay since 2013, records show.  

On Oct. 18, 2012, Thomas found a video on her computer of her live-in fiancé, Dominic Madison, engaging in "sexual activities" with someone who appeared to be a student of his, according to court documents.

Soon after finding the video, Thomas called Madison, then the band director at Treasure Coast High School, to confront him, according to court documents. After their conversation, a shaken Thomas called her pastor, who wanted to ensure the "huge allegation" was accurate.

Dominic Madison, former Treasure Coast High School band director, is led into a courtroom at the St. Lucie County Courthouse on April 1, 2016, for sentencing after pleading no contest in September to charges of sexual activity with minors. Madison was sentenced to 15 years in prison and 60 years probation as a sex offender. (Photo: PATRICK DOVE/TCPALM)

Thomas asked her pastor to call authorities because she was in an emotional state, according to court documents.

Madison was arrested Oct. 19, 2012, records show. He pleaded no contest in September 2015 to five of 40 charges of sexual activity with teen girls.

On April 1, 2016, Madison was found guilty on five counts of sexual activity with a minor, according to court documents. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and 60 years probation as a sex offender, records show. A civil lawsuit filed last year against Madison by one of his victims is pending, records show.

While authorities were searching for Madison in 2012, Thomas spoke to him on the phone as he was staying at a local hotel, according to court documents. She did not tell law enforcement where Madison was until seven hours later, according to court documents. Thomas did not call Madison to help him elude arrest, records show.  

Thomas, in 2012 was charged with being an accessory after the fact and failure to notify law enforcement of knowledge of a suspect of child abuse.

These charges were dropped in April 2016 after Madison's conviction, according to court documents.

Thomas' discovery of the video, her immediate reporting of the abuse and her later identification of the victims led to Madison’s arrest and conviction, according to court documents.

"She sacrificed everything to help put him in jail," Rodriguez said.

Once the charges against Thomas were dropped, the state administrative hearing over her firing was allowed to resume, records show.

Darren Schwartz, an administrative law judge, on May 23 recommended the district revoke Thomas' suspension and subsequent termination. Thomas should be reinstated with back pay and benefits, he ruled. The board failed to prove Thomas violated the district rules and policies alleged as the basis for firing her, Schwartz wrote.

Still, the board has the jurisdiction “to reject in whole or in part those conclusions of law and interpretation of administrative rules in the recommended order," according to court documents.

A teacher must contact the state Department of Children & Families and call 911 when child abuse is suspected, the district wrote in response to Schwartz's recommendation.

Surely there must be some leeway when the person committing the abuse is your fiance. There is no question that she did what was right in reporting him. It's not like she was trying to hide anything or anyone. She was quite traumatized by the whole thing and deserves to have some leniency for not following precise protocols.

Arizona man charged with child sex crimes

By The Daily Courier 
A Prescott Valley man who worked for the City of Prescott has been charged with child sex offenses, after a victim came forward and alleged that he had assaulted her 20 years ago, Prescott Valley Police Sgt. Jason Kaufman said.

Neil Campbell, 59, was charged with one count each of continuous sexual abuse of a minor, sexual contact with a minor, and child molestation.

The victim, now 33 years old, came to police in July, and said Campbell had committed the acts when she was between 5 and 13 years old, and lived between Tucson and Prescott Valley.

“Based on the information received, the Prescott Valley Police Department began working cooperatively with detectives from the Tucson Police Department,” Kaufman said.

Prescott Police Deputy Chief Amy Bonney said that Campbell had worked for the City of Prescott since 2003, first as an Animal Control officer and then as a Parking Enforcement officer, but has been fired.

Campbell was arrested and booked into the Camp Verde jail.

I wonder what it's like to have sexually abused a child, and, for 20 years, thinking that you got away with it? Then, all of a sudden....

Middleburgh man faces child sex charges
State Police at Cobleskill announced Friday the arrest of a Middleburgh man on various charges associated with possession of and dissemination of child pornography. 

Michael G. Porter Jr., 37, was arrested after an investigation conducted by the State Police in conjunction with members of the state police Computer Crimes Unit and Homeland Security Investigations. Porter is accused of sending lewd material electronically to minors and possessing child pornography. In addition, he was charged with having sexual contact with a child younger than 11.

Porter was charged with felony promoting a sexual performance by a child, possessing a sexual performance by a child, first degree sexual abuse and disseminating indecent material to a minor, and two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child. 

He was arraigned in the Middleburgh Town Court and remanded to the custody of the Schoharie County Sheriff on $10,000 cash bail or $30,000 bond. 

State police ask anyone  who may have had inappropriate contact with Porter to contact (518) 234-3131.

Judge increases bail to $15M for California brain surgeon amid 32 new charges in child rape case

Prosecutors found video of accused abusing a 5 y/o girl and a 3 y/o boy

Caution: disturbing descriptions in this article

A Northern California brain surgeon and two nurses arrested in the spring for allegedly running a child-sex ring are facing dozens more charges following the discovery of a second video allegedly depicting even more instances of molestation. The Santa Cruz district attorney’s office announced the new charges in court on Thursday.

Dr. James Kohut and the two nurses were apprehended in May after investigators says they received video images implicating the three, who were originally charged with several child molestation counts each.

The 57-year-old married neurosurgeon was accused of plotting to impregnate women in order to give birth to children he could sexually abuse in a so-called 'taboo family lifestyle,' according to prosecutors. 

Litany of charges: Dr. James Kohut, 57 (pictured in mugshot, left), on Thursday was charged with 32 new felony counts involving child sex abuse 

Court documents filed Wednesday show investigators finding a second video clip depicting sexual acts with a five-year-old girl, a three-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy, which led to 32 new charges.

A judge on Thursday set bail at $15million for each defendant, up from $6.45million for Kohut. His co-conspirators were previously being held on $500,000 bail each. Kohut, 30-year-old Emily Stephens and 43-year-old Rashel Brandon each pleaded not guilty to the new criminal counts on Thursday. 

The suspected child sex abuse came to light after Brandon's husband gave police a video recording he found that investigators say showed his wife and her fellow nurse Stephens molesting children. 

Kohut was the Chief of Neurology Services at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz before he was asked to leave earlier this year.

'Accomplices': Kohut was arrested in May after the husband of one of Kohut's nurses, Rashel Brandon (left), 42, allegedly found a video of her abusing a child along with another of his nurses, Emily Stephens, 29 (right)

Sources told DailyMail.com that the surgeon, whose wife is a gynecologist, had upset several staff in the unit and left following several warnings about his arrogant behavior and poor bed-side manner. Following his arrest, Kohut voluntarily suspended his California medical license. 

Court filings show that he had been warned about his conduct in the past, including an incident during which he was caught downloading pornography at work. 

The new evidence in the case, a GoPro video filmed between January 1 and May 9, shows Kohut and his two nurses having sex multiple times with the three-year-old and 10-year-old boys, according to court documents first cited by Santa Cruz Sentinel. The recording, made in Watsonville, California. allegedly depicts the defendants engaging in oral sex, sexual intercourse and sodomy with the children.

Assistant District Attorney Steve Moore wrote that for nearly 20 years, Kohut 'has had a fixed sexual desire to be part of multiple "taboo families" where the parents raise their children sexually. 'He has a specific desire to have sex with a mother and a daughter. He then wants to impregnate the daughter and raise the child sexually in the "taboo" family lifestyle.'

The prosecutor claimed in his court filing Kohut preferred children between ages 6 and 8, and preyed on children in California, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada and Australia.

In one case, according to Moore, Kohut told a woman from Vermont that he had been in a relationship with a mother-of-two from Florida, whom he asked to call him 'daddy,' and whose 13-year-old child he fondled.

Kohut allegedly has been using the internet since 1997 to find women to create 'taboo families,' wrote Moore. One woman reported in 2001 that the doctor wanted to build a sexual family that would practice bestiality and incest. 

The married father-of-two now faces a total of 48 felony counts, up from the initial 11, with 44 for Brandon and 43 for Stephens. All three are due back in court on March 12 for a preliminary hearing.

Deputy coroner hit with child-sex charges

WILKES-BARRE TWP. — A deputy coroner is facing child-sex charges after being ensnared during an undercover sting operation, according to the state Attorney General’s Office.

Edward C. Smith, 60, of Willing Street, Tamaqua, is accused of soliciting sex online from what he thought was a 14-year-old boy. Investigators say Smith is a deputy coroner in Carbon and Schuylkill counties.

According to prosecutors, Smith contacted an undercover agent posing as a teen on a social networking site and tried to arrange a rendezvous despite the officer repeatedly identifying himself as a 14-year-old boy. After making plans to meet for the purposes of “kissing, cuddling and oral sex,” Smith told the agent to erase all of their chats, according to a police affidavit.

Agents with the office’s Child Predator Section arrested Smith on Wednesday evening after he arrived at the designated meeting location in Wilkes-Barre Twp. During questioning, Smith admitted to being the person behind the online conversation, saying he planned to have sex with the teen if they “clicked” upon meeting, according to the affidavit.

“Thanks to the hard work of the agents and prosecutors in our Child Predator Section, another predator is off our streets,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a statement. “We have zero tolerance for the sexual abuse of children in Pennsylvania. Whoever the perpetrator may be — including a public official — we will investigate and charge these predators wherever we find them.”

Investigators charged Smith with felony counts of unlawful contact with a minor, attempted involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and attempted criminal use of a communication facility. He was also hit with a misdemeanor count of attempted indecent assault.

Magisterial District Judge Alexandra Kokura Kravitz arraigned Smith on Wednesday night and ordered him jailed at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility with bail set at $250,000. A preliminary hearing was set for Sept. 27.

Tamaqua, PA